Artist statement

Photo - Tony Hill, 2012

Photo - Tony Hill, 2012

I delight in incorporating my immediate surroundings into pottery; by digging and working local clay, imprinting pots with plants that grow outside the studio and by involving a variety of natural materials in the firing process. Through the use of wild materials and forms in my work, my pottery is grounded in a distinct season and place, giving a strong connection to the English countryside.

I have always found traditional English Slipware particularly beautiful and it is this decorative method I have been incorporating into my work using local clays and slips. Using materials from my environment is key to my work, and by introducing raw clays I have collected, I can be certain the countryside is intrinsically reflected in my pottery.

I love making pots for people to use in their homes – a modern twist on folk pottery. For me, this is the greatest compliment to the potter – that my work may find its way onto the table for Sunday lunch, a birthday celebration or simply holding that perfect cup of tea, first thing in the morning.

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