Berlin Bottles

Last week, I embarked on an epic road trip to Berlin. I as thrilled when walking past a junk shop in Muggelsee, I spotted two of these salt glazed wood fired bottles.

Looking good for their age - a pair of German bottles c.1900

Looking good for their age - a pair of German bottles c.1900

Last time I visited Berlin, I bought a similar one at a flea market, so was thrilled to pick these up. Made around 1900, they were used to hold either beer or water. They have been thrown on a wheel and even bear the potter’s fingerprint at the neck!

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3 Responses to Berlin Bottles

  1. gz says:

    simple and beautiful

  2. Potter Jo says:

    The forms have a real sense of honesty to them. I think it’s amazing they have survived two world wars and the Soviet occupation of the city. I really wish they could talk, as I bet they’d have some amazing tales to tell.

  3. tim says:

    Nice to have the connection with the fella that made it, what other craft leaves a finger or thumb print,apart from burgulary

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