Candle luminaries

This is a super quick post to share a photo of what I’ve been making this week – luminaries, or candle holders.

Luminary pod

Luminary pod

Having made some tiny maquettes back in 2010, I’ve enlarged this idea to encompass flickering candlelight. The ceramic piece is just part of the artistic process, having to also think about the beautiful shapes that are cast across the wall and table as a result of the intricate pattern.

The main reason for this return to an earlier idea is that I will be demonstrating at Living Crafts at Hatfield House on Friday 11th May and needed something I could make without my wheel.

These shapes are actually thrown on the wheel first, but luckily require a day or so to get to that leather hard stage, ready to be pricked, prodded and pierced. It’s this fine detailed work I will be doing at Hatfield House.

I think I’m simply going to coat the final pieces with oxides to accentuate these details, but for now the candles are drying out the interior a treat.

Anyone who has enjoyed carving a pumpkin would also enjoy this process, only you can’t make a hearty soup out of the remnants ;)

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2 Responses to Candle luminaries

  1. gz says:

    But….luminaria(s) is the name!! I just have the mind image of a candle being lit under the rear of a luminary!! :-)

  2. Potter Jo says:

    Haha! Thanks for the correction! I’ve seen ‘luminary’ videos on YouTube, but perhaps I was confused by the American accent ;)

    Following the wikipedia link, and emphasis on torches, it seems I may have missed out on massive funding from the cultural Olympiad fund. Bugger.

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