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Herts Visual Arts Forum

Herts Visual Arts Forum

Before pottery took over my life, I worked for ten years as a web designer and web editor in London. My career saw me working on websites for the British Library, Cancer Research UK, University College London and Girl Guiding UK. There was even a time I enjoyed a dalliance with treasure hunting!

So, these days I spend most of my time throwing clay around but I’m still passionate about the internet, the conversations it enables and friendships it makes possible.

I’m keen to share my knowledge and experience and recently began volunteering as the Online Media Consultant for Herts Visual Arts (HVA).

I’m excited to be helping HVA improve their online presence using all the fabulous free resources that exist out there. In turn, I hope to help the artists of Hertfordshire improve their online presence and also report on how new technologies are helping artists take their work to the world.

Last month I began writing a column for the monthly newsletter, and thought it may be worth mentioning it here for any other artists or web monkeys out there who might find it interesting.

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